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Slay All Day With These Styling Tips From Us

Outfit Tips & Tricks

Be sure to have at least one black dress in your closet. It’s so effortless and easy to style. You can dress it up or down in a “New York Minute”. Add a pair of sneakers and a crossbody back for a nice casual look or simply add a pair of black heels and a colored purse or belt to elevate your style for an evening or afternoon out.

One way to look slimmer is to create volume. Try not to wear two oversized pieces at a time or 2 fitted pieces at a time. Be sure to wear one fitted piece at the top with a looser piece at the bottom or vice versa.

Longer earrings and cat-eyed sunnies slim your face down.

Be sure to have staple colors in your wardrobes such as white, black-blue, and beige. They work with almost everything and every age group and are universally appealing.

If you are in a rush and just can’t decide on what to wear, take the easy way out and opt for a monochrome look. You can never go wrong with this! You will be sure to slay the day.

Have you ever been out running errands and you get a last-minute invitation to dinner or an event or perhaps some sort of business meeting, but you have no time to go home and change into a new outfit? Well, here’s a tip! Always keep a pair of heels in your car and of course, an extra make-up kit. A pair of heels will elevate any look.

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