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You Won't Believe These Shoes & Clothing Hacks!

Have you ever purchased a clothing item that you were super excited to wear, but as soon as you got dressed something went terribly wrong and you ended up getting rid of it? How disappointing! Well, I decided to try some hacks I've always heard and read about to see if they worked - and here's a list of some that worked for me:

1. I couldn't wait to share this one here on the blog so I had to share it on my Instagram Story first. This is the Red Wine Hack. I tried removing a recent red wine stain on a white shirt by soaking the spot for an hour or so in white wine. It removed the majority of the stain but when I added a little paste of baking soda and water, it was completely gone.

2. Can we talk about Baking Soda? I could go on and on about it because it has worked for me on so many things! During the summer months, I go for a lot of long walks. To be honest, I hate wearing socks with my sneakers in the summer because I get sweaty feet. In the winter, I love wearing socks because they keep my feet warm but they still make my feet sweaty. Sweaty feet cause smelly feet - let's face it! Well, I'm proud to say I haven't had sweaty or smelly feet since I started adding a little baking soda in my sneakers before wearing them. Hooray!!!

3. The next one I tried, I was completely blown away at how well it worked for me. This one is the Hair Dryer & Sock Shoe Hack. Please keep in mind that I tried this one on one of my leather pointy toes that were a bit narrow and hurt my feet. I put on a pair of my thick winter sock, put my shoes on and then proceed to blow dry all around the shoe but mostly the front area. I walked around for half an hour or so and I could definitely feel the difference afterward. It seems like this hack speeds up the process of breaking in the shoes.

4. In my last blog, I spoke about Vaseline being in my family for years! Well, this next hack calls for Vaseline and I'm so excited to share it with you! I wear a lot of clothes with zippers and it's so annoying when the zipper gets stuck and won't go up - especially when in a hurry! Well, vaseline to the rescue. Get a q-tip or something similar and dip it in some vaseline, then rub it gently on the area of the zipper that's stuck, and voila! You should be good to go.

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