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Cheers To The Little Black Dress!

Little Black Dresses Aka LBD is a must have in every woman's closet. I completed a fashion design course online and learned that the origins of LBD go all the way back to the 1920s designs of Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. This design will never go out of style.

I just love how versatile LBDs are, making them so easy to style and accessorize. LBDs are definitely a staple. When it comes to making plans and going out I am always doing so in the very last minute so LBDs are very important to me.

In the featured picture below is my daughter and actress Chantalle feeling very confident in her lace fitted LBD. This dress has a touch of edginess and at the same time is very feminine. It can go from day wear to night wear. She completed her look with a cute little Kate Spade NY purse and knee high boots giving it just the extra touch of elegance it needed to complete her all black look.

Do you own a Little Black Dress? If not, it is sure worth considering. As always thank you so much for stopping by. You may shop or browse similar looks below by clicking on any of the pics at the bottom of this post. Don't forget to also check out the Shop My Looks & More Section.

I use affiliate links, pay per click and pay per purchase programs and I may also take on sponsorships or partnerships with companies that I enjoy their product or services.

This means I receive a small commission every time you click on or purchase through a shopping link here on the website. Thank you so much for your time here and support. I really appreciate it. Please be sure to read the disclaimer section on the site.



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