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How's Your Purse & Handbag Etiquette?

I'll be totally honest and say mine was pretty bad. I had no idea there was such a thing as handbag etiquette until I went to a high-class restaurant in Beverly Hills and noticed something different between my purse and the purses of the classy elegant ladies at the table across from me. Believe it or not, the difference was not the brand or quality. It was how they carried the purse and where they placed it when they sat down

1. When going out at night, never carry a day bag such as a straw bag, a cloth bag, or tote, etc. Always carry a clutch. Clutches are chicer and are perfect for nights. Day bags will ruin your look at night.

2. Let's talk about where you place your purse at the table. I used to be so guilty of this. No matter what type of meal you are having or what kind of restaurant you are at, your bag should never be placed on the table. Don't forget, this is where your utensils are placed as well as your food. This is not only bad hygiene but also extremely rude.

Placing it on the floor while at a dinner table is also not a good idea as there are a ton of germs there. Plus, someone could easily steal it. The back of the chair also is not suggested as it may be in someone's way and also easily stolen.

Here are 4 suggested places you can place them:

A- An empty seat beside you.

B- On your lap under your napkin when not using a napkin

C-Behind you on your chair (not the back of a chair)

D- Carry a bag hook so that you can hook your bag on the table when dining. Even the Queen does this.

3. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed it's polite to carry your bag on your left side- If you look at many pictures of queens and princesses you may notice they carry their bags on their left side. Doing so leaves your right arm available to socialize.

4. Always be sure to zip or close your bag when not using it. This way your bag looks more clean and well organized.

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