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2022 Fashion Tips You Need To Know ASAP

1. When trying on an outfit in a fitting room be sure to also sit down on the chair provided to ensure you feel and look comfortable in it. Did you know that's what the chairs in a fitting room are for? It's really not for holding your bags.

2. Always be confident in your own skin. No matter how great your outfit is styled if you don't feel confident you won't look good.

3. If you are wearing something that's close-fitting be sure to add something oversized as well to create balance.

4. Too many dressy and statement pieces in your closet can cause you to have difficulty finding something to wear and you could spend hours trying to decide.

4. Invest in more simple basics such as jeans, tees, a simple black dress as well as a pair of clean white sneakers that are more stylish and comfy.

5. Try matching your bag to your belt rather than your outfit. You'll be surprised by how stylish it looks.

6. When you are not sure go for a modest outfit or monochromatic look

7. Before going shopping be sure to check what's in your closet so you don't buy something you already own.

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