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Denim On Denim Canadian Tuxedo

Have you ever wondered what The Canadian Tuxedo outfit is? It's really any look that consists of denim on denim and is usually a denim jacket with denim jeans. I believe it started back in the 1950's when singer, Mr. Bing Crosby, was denied entrance into a Canadian Hotel because he was wearing a full denim outfit (He was eventually allowed into the hotel).

Denim Outfits are my all time favourite. What about you? I love how I can mix and match denim together or with other types of clothing such as florals. I also love that denim is so versatile and can be worn during all seasons. I know I don't have to ask if you own a denim piece because I'm almost sure you do.

Funny Story- I just don't learn when it comes to doing laundry! I purchased a very beautiful comfy pair of black jeans and was so excited to wear them! Once I got home, I immediately threw them in the washing machine. When the cycle stopped I could not find my black jeans but then I realized that they were there but so faded. I did not recognize them. LOL! Well the jeans were so comfy I decided I would be wearing them regardless. This is why I love jeans. I didn't have to throw them out! Now if you take a look below you'll see pics of me sporting my Canadian Tuxedo look in those same jeans and a denim jacket I purchased along with my black boots!! Also, if you have a moment, check out my reels video page on Instagram featuring my Canadian Tuxedo. Hope you enjoy.

Unfortunately the exact denim jacket in the pic below is no longer available, however, while browsing the other day I came across a very similar one which you can check out below

I'm so excited and honoured that you stopped by to share this incredible fashion journey with me! Just a gentle friendly reminder that I am also an amazon influencer so As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I use affiliate links, pay per click and pay per purchase programs and I may also take on sponsorships or partnerships with companies that I enjoy their product or services. This means I receive a small commission every time you click on or purchase through a shopping link here on the website. Thank you so much for your time here and support. I really appreciate it. Please be sure to read the disclaimer section on the site.

Wishing you a fabulous week.



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