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Denim Jumpsuits-How To!

Would you like to look effortlessly chic? How about a denim jumpsuit?! To be honest I’ve always been skeptical about jumpsuits, especially at my age, but my daughter has a huge influence on me and she is also known as the Queen Of Jumpsuits! Each time she wears hers I’m more convinced I need some of my own - and now I own a couple and am so glad I do.

If you’ve never worn a jumpsuit but are considering it and you're not sure how to choose one and what to look for, here are some tips I learned:

1. If you are on the shorter side like me and my daughter, choose jumpsuits with straighter legs or cropped. If you are a fan of wide legs like me, you can choose to wear it with high heeled pointy toes! This works incredibly for both me and my daughter. If you are on the taller side I feel like anything works but the wide legs are fantastic especially when it’s longer and the length is just a tad bit above ground.

2. Ok I think I should address the elephant in the room! The awkwardness of using the restroom lol. Well yes, it can be challenging, so the best thing that works for me is to choose ones that are more loose fitting and buttoned down or zippered a tad bit passed your waist. This makes it very comfortable and a little easier to pull down. Personally, they look so good on I think it's worth the small inconvenience.

3. If you are going for a more formal look, one idea would be to add high heeled sandals or pointy toes and a nice clutch that matches the heels. For a more casual look, mules or plain old white sneakers are fun - especially with the cropped straight legged jumpsuits.

These tips are just a few of many. So much also depends on your body type which will be a whole other future blog. Like I always say, play around with fashion and see what works for you. As always, I have done the research for you and will provide you below with very similar looks and also other looks that I’m obsessing over. You can shop these looks below or go to the shop my faves page here.

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This means I receive a small commission every time you click on or purchase through a shopping link here on the website. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Thank you so much for your time here and support. I really appreciate it. Please be sure to read the disclaimer section on the site.

Wishing you a fantastic week ahead.



My daughter Sporting her Denim Jumpsuit.

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