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Cropped Wide Leg Jeans.

Women Cropped Wide Leg Jeans are still in this season and definitely becoming a huge staple in closets - but to be honest with you, whether they're in or out, I will always be wearing them. They are so cool, comfortable, and classy. Need I say more? Wearing cropped wide legs jeans for me is almost like a combination of pants and shorts. I feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds.

I style them the same way I style my midi skirts. Since they are high waisted, I usually style them with a crop-fitted top or a regular fitted top tucked in. I like to accessorize my cropped wide leg jeans with pointy toe shoes as it lengthens my legs and makes me appear taller. Sometimes I also like to add a hat and or sunglasses for a chic look. Take a look below at how I styled my lilac cropped wide leg jeans. I hope you are inspired by my look below.

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